Yarin Kimor – is a leading speaker and presenter on Systematic Creative Thinking

Kimor gives lectures and workshops to business managers at all levels, researchers and developers in various fields including high tech companies, in addition to high level employees in government offices including security and intelligence branches and educational and medical venues.

In the Far East, Russia, the United States and Europe, Yarin Kimor is very much in demand as a speaker on Systematic Creative Thinking which opens up a whole new approach to creativity for companies and industries.

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flagship Workshop / lecture/ on Systematic Creative Thinking

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This dramatic lecture examines the legends of the Israeli Secret Services; are the legends true?


The Good Idea in the Bad Idea

Not long ago, there appeared in the chronicles of the regular world news an unpretentious item that was different from the other items. It dealt with breakthrough news about weeds. Weeds are bad. What is good about them? Nothing. What is the worst thing about weeds? Their fast growth rate, which can destroy the entire garden.

There is another way

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Yarin’s Agenda

Yarin Kimor is a leading lecturer in developing Creative Thinking and Presentations.

He advises, lectures and gives workshops for business managers, researchers and developers, and a wide range of employees from many different fields such as high-tech, government, commerce, medicine, education security and intelligence.

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