1.“The Aikido Principle”

Just as in a physical battle one uses the strength of one’s opponent in order to bring him down, so too, in the thought process. We use the strength of the problem in order to solve it.


The use of the fast growth gene of harmful weeds by transplanting the gene into good crops and thereby increasing their productivity threefold.

2.The “Escalation Principle”

Instead of eliminating the problem or decreasing the rate of its impact, one should exaggerate it a thousand fold until it reaches absurd proportions.


There was an incident where a Jerusalem lawyer placed a confiscation order on an entire passenger plane in order to speed up the handling of a client’s suitcase that had gone missing. This was a true incident that occurred a few years ago.

3.The “No Dimension Principle”

The use of the principle according to which “If there is a problem – then there is no problem.”


Three years before the moon landing, in 1969, NASA engineers tried to deal with finding a raw material – glass or a different substance — to be used on the flashlight/spotlight on the landing vehicle in order for it to stand up to the great variety of temperatures inside the flashlight and outside of it. The glass in the flashlight was designed to differentiate between the filament and the oxygen in the air, otherwise, the filament would burn.

On the moon, however, there is no atmosphere at all, no air and for sure no oxygen. Therefore there was no need for glass (or another material) in order to make this division on the face of the moon.

The result: After three years of non-stop development and the search for the proper material, the investment of a lot of time, money and personnel, the answer to the problem was, “There is no problem!” – the material was not needed at all.

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