Think Outside Of the Box A new game that conquers the World

This is a unique product whose target is a very wide range of potential buyers and customers, from the executive market through to families and students. The product is suitable for the those of 11years old to adults.

The product is a series of 41 cards with problems which are of an increasing degree of complexity. These brain-teasers challenge the CREATIVITY of the individual and promote alternative ways of thinking. They are very tricky. The problems are not trivial and require unconventional thinking.

The cards are constructed in such a way that leads the user through the stages of solving the “problem”. There are 3 different levels of difficulty (easy, moderately difficult and difficult).

The game have been sold successfully in the past year in several parts of the world (over 75,000 units) through catalogues and high street retailers as well as to enterprises as “give-aways” to clients, gifts to employees and to families.

Since the beginning of the year the product has been translated into English and is now available in, UK, USA, France, Singapore and Israel.