Yarin’s Agenda

Yarin Kimor is a leading lecturer in developing Creative Thinking and Presentations. He advises, lectures and gives workshops for business managers, researchers and developers, and a wide range of employees from many different fields such as high-tech, government, commerce, medicine, education security and intelligence.

Yarin Kimor also lectures abroad, for leading companies in the Far East, Russia, Europe and the United States.

For the past 30 Years Yarin Kimor has been an investigative reporter, director, producer and editor for Israeli television. His work includes several in-depth documentary series which he produced and directed. One of the documentary series is about the Israeli Athletes who were murdered at the Munich Olympics. Another series is called The Avengers and it deals with revenge against the Nazis by Jews and Israelis. In addition to other documentaries such as “Heroes Against their Will”, and “Sealed Lips” – about the 5 heads of the Mossad.

In the past, Yarin Kimor was an investigative journalist for KOLBOTECH (the Israeli 60 Minutes) and presented the program “A Second Look”.

Yarin Kimor (born July 27th 1952) is an Israeli author, director and producer who also performs sophisticated magic tricks. Kimor has directed documentary films, which dealt with industrial espionage and security issues. His work has been broadcast on national television channels. More recently, Kimor has been writing books about Creative Thinking, two of which have been published. He holds workshops that focus on Creative Thinking and demonstrates his tools for developing creative thinking through magic tricks and other instruments for thinking out-of-the-box. Yarin Kimor has also created a card game called Out –of-the-Box for development of creative thinking in children and adults.


Kimor was raised in Haifa, he is the son of Prof. Baruch Kimor (Komorovsky) who was a pioneer researcher of the lakes and waterways of Israel. Yarin Kimor is a graduate of the Hebrew University and the World Press Institute. For many years he was the editor and director for Channel 1 (the Israeli Public Broadcasting Station). He was the assistant editor of the science program called Observation, he wrote for the weekend news reports and the weekly news. In addition he was a writer for KOLBOTEC – an investigative program; he was the correspondent for educational issues for the news channel, being the first to reveal important information regarding the murder of the Israeli athletes at the Munich Olympics and the undercover war of the Mossad against the Balck September terrorists who carried the murders.

Documentary Films:

The Forgotten Spy Code: This documentary deals with Victor Greibsky who was a Jewish, Polish journalist who gave Nikita Krushchev’s secret speech to the Israeli Intelligence agency. Among other things, Greibsky was in contact with the head of the K.G. B.

China Time: 1994 This is a 5-part documentary detailing the capitalist revolution of China produced by the Israeli Television and the Geographical Society of Israel.

Unwilling Heroes: 1989-2005 This is a 7-episode documentary mini-series depicting the stories of people who encountered desperate, hopeless situations in life and yet they coped with them and prevailed.

The Avengers: 1996 A 7part documentary dealing with the revenge of Jews against the Nazis after World War II. Approximately 1,500 Gestapo and SS criminals were executed by Jews who were members of either official organizations or impromptu groups who hunted Nazis across 5 continents and hundreds of countries.

Sealed Lips: 2012 Yitzhak Hofi and 5 heads of the Mossad and 5 heads of branches of the Mossad speak about special missions of the Mossad, for example the assassination of Vedia Hadayd, the Iraqi nuclear scientist before bombing the Iraqi nuclear reactor. In addition to discussing how the Israelis obtained information before the raid on the airport to rescue the Israeli hostages in Entebbe.

Jenny May – The Woman who knew too much: 2011 A mini-series in 3 parts about the mysterious life and death of Jenny May, a dolphin trainer who was also an intelligence spy. She was found dead by hanging on a beach in Tel Aviv in the winter of 1994.

All of these documentaries were screened in Israel and several were shown internationally.

Books and Games:

Making the Impossible Possible – this book deals with methods of releasing yourself from mental fixations in order to develop creative thinking.

Actually, No! this second book deals with 750 “truths” which actually not true. Including an analysis of who “pulls the strings” behind these “truths”, and who profits from them , and why we are unwilling to correct them even when we know the truth.