HOW TO HYPNOTIZE AND MAGNETIZE YOUR AUDIENCE Create the most amazing presentation Yarin Kimor has developed an exclusive method of making presentations based on his 30 years of experience in television that is based on applying the principles of mass media to professional presentations. The same principles that producers and director s use to achieve […]

The Legend of the Mossad and the Israeli Secret Services

The Legend of the Mossad and the Israeli Secret Services This dramatic lecture examines the legends of the Israeli Secret Services; are the legends true? If so what are the components how were the legends formed? If not, how were they nevertheless created? In this lecture facts and unknown stories are revealed that have never […]

The Avengers

The Avengers We are offering a fascinating lecture by Yarin Kimor accompanied by the documentary series called The Avengers. The Avengers series, which has fired the imaginations of many viewers, reveals the facts behind the revenge of the Jews on the Nazis. The series deals with events connected to Jewish and Israeli revenge on the […]

The Impossible Made Possible

The Impossible Made Possible Flagship Workshop / lecture/ on Systematic Creative Thinking This interactive event sweeps the audience into a new way of thinking – it shatters the fixation of regular thinking patterns, wrong assumptions, misguided perceptions and failures in logic. Yarin Kimor provides solutions, practical tools and easily adaptable techniques for developing systematic creative […]


THE UNBELIEVABLE EASE OF THE SOLUTION In-depth workshop on Developing systematic Creative Thinking A follow-up workshop for more advanced people, which presents a wide range of practical, analytical tools accompanied by demonstrations, exercises and examples from the field relevant to the participants. The audience crosses the line separating helplessness facing unsolvable problems into the unbelievable […]