The Impossible Made Possible

Flagship Workshop / lecture/ on Systematic Creative Thinking

This interactive event sweeps the audience into a new way of thinking – it shatters the fixation of regular thinking patterns, wrong assumptions, misguided perceptions and failures in logic. Yarin Kimor provides solutions, practical tools and easily adaptable techniques for developing systematic creative thinking that do not depend on talent but can be learned and applied.

The workshop includes sophisticated magic tricks, thought provocation and exercises that are exciting experiences. The material is presented in a fun, entertaining curiosity arousing manner. The results of these thought provoking experiences is always a significant breakthrough for individuals and their organizations. The outcome is always new ideas, new solutions, unusual but worthwhile, practical results.

The lectures and workshops are geared toward all levels of management, employees in all fields, small groups or large audiences. The duration of the workshops range from 1 ½ hours to half a day, a full day or a course of 2 meetings.