The Avengers

We are offering a fascinating lecture by Yarin Kimor accompanied by the documentary series called The Avengers.

The Avengers series, which has fired the imaginations of many viewers, reveals the facts behind the revenge of the Jews on the Nazis. The series deals with events connected to Jewish and Israeli revenge on the Nazis through several periods of time beginning after World War II until the present time. It includes exclusive testimonies, filmed re-enactments, fascinating disclosures about the acts of revenge on the Nazis. It also presents the moral and ethical dilemmas surrounding these acts.

Main Topics: The revenge of the Jewish Brigade, the revenge of Aba Kovner’s Group, The Mossad’s Pursuit of Nazi leaders, The Mossad’s hunt for Mengele and the kidnapping of Adolph Eichman.

About the Presenter: Yarin Kimor is a leadingreporter and investigator working for the Israeli television. His documentary films have been distributed worldwide. He was the main editor and presenter of the investigative program, Mabat Sheni (the Israeli equivalent of 60 Minutes).

Mr. Kimor is a graduate of Hebrew University and a recipient of a scholarship to the World Press Institute. He was the first to uncover the facts behind the murder of the Israeli Athletes ath the Munich Olympics and the covert war that the Mossad waged against the Black September perpetrators, in which most of the Black September members associated with the Munich murders were assassinated. He first the was also to receive an official acknowledgement from the Israelis as to who was responsible.

Additional documentaries to Yarin Kimor’s credit:

  1. The C hour – the hour of the Chines leaders of the 21st Century
  2. The Spy wo Came Out of the Cold – uncovering Stalin’s Crimes
  3. Khrushchev’s Secret Speech
  4. Unintentional Heroes – a TV series 2003
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